World Championship Singapore SURF Fishing Team S.S.A.T.M.C team member Memphisbelle, strikes first in the newly commission Heavyweight Division fighting and landing 30lb/14kg Sand Ray to challenge all comers in the wide-open Division.

With the opening of the 2008 World Championship Surf & Shore Fishing tournament seasons and the newly formed Heavyweight Division, the 2007 Singapore Champion Surf Fishing Team Singapore Surf Anglerz now formed as S.S.A.T.M.C made the first strike on the Singapore shoreline to start their climb to challenge the reigning Champion Surf Fishing Team OC Guerilla from Southern California.

Meanwhile, all over the world Surf Fishing Anglers are gearing up to enter the World Championship to fish for the prestigious rights to become Champions of Surf and Shore fishing. In 2008 World Championship every Surf and Shore Fishing Angler and Team has an equal 12-weekends or 24-days throughout the 314 tournament days. Consequently, at this point it is anybody guess who will be at the end on top in their countries, coastlines and ultimately the World Champion Surf and Shore Fishing Angler and Team.
However, what has generated the most excitement is the newly commissioned Heavyweight Division .

The Heavyweight Division is the big fish catching division with an own separate cash pot. In addition, anglers in the Heavyweight division can fish the total 314 tournament days. Moreover, what has created the buzz between Surf and Shore anglers around the world is there is no limitation on what can be landed on a beach or shoreline . As long as it’s over 5lbs or 2.2680kg the weight will be scored. Bull Redfish, Groupers, Big Stripper Bass, Sharks, Rays, Halibut, Marine Catfish if can be caught and landed on a beach or shoreline with a rod and a reel it will be scored.
Already Singapore Heavyweight Angler and World Champion Contender Memphisbelle landed a 30lb/ 14kg Sand Ray to be the first on the Heavyweight boards touting any challengers.

Nevertheless, if Azzahar Her, the 2007 Singapore Champion and ranked number 5 in the World Best Surf and Shore Anglers, hybrid Surf Fishing team is any indication of the competition of the Heavyweight, World Championship Contenders and Teams field. This year tournament season will prove to be a battle royal for Champion rights, the cash pot and the ultimate World Champion title.

With the 2007 World Champion Randy Toji and his World Champion Surf Fishing Team the OC Guerilla preparing to take the field, anglers and team around world preparing for the challenge and still 60-days away from infamous Delmarva Surf Fishing Anglers taking the field in the World Championship. The field is still wide open with at this point everybody chasing Singapore Surf and Shore Anglers at the top.

In by far the World greatest annual fishing tournament challenge The World Championship Surf & Shore Anglers Tournament.

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