Weekly Highlights for Tournament Weeks Seventeen & Eightteen

Delmarva Surf Fishing Anglers Are Catching To Close The Gap On The West Coast
And Australian Takes The Field

The past 2-weeks in the tournament competitions it was dejvu from the 2006 tournament season with Delmarva Top Contenders blazing their surfcasting Reels to thrust through the Team and Contenders frames to challenge the Southern California Top Contenders and Teams, But The Lone Aussie World Championship Angler Has Taken The Field.

sharkbaitDelmarva Top Contender Chalkbait took the field at Folly Beach, South Carolina on a two day frenzy catching and releasing Spinner and Sharpe nose Sharks off the beach. Day and night, catch and release was methodical workout for pulling in the sharks and releasing them back into the surf to boost him in points to challenge SoCal Top Contender Charlie for third seat in the Top 5 seats.
But on the Southern California shoreline SoCal Top Contenders Charlie and his Team member Top Contender Santaro36 have not slowed down their pace with outstanding catches of Corbinas, Yellow Fin Croackers, Diamond Turbots.. which have kept them dominating both the Contender and Team division. But if you’re a gambler don’t put all your cards on the table yet with two dominate SoCal Anglers, because Ocean City Contender Sam Kilgore accelerated in points landing big Strips and Sharks along with his team member Coop. The Web Boss for Atlantic Anglers.
sambeach has been hitting Big Strippers, Spinners and Black Tip Sharks close to state record size with a bountiful fishing season off the Aussateague Island shoreline.
Speaking of Bosses 2006 World Champion Dana Wilburn continues his consistent catches of Halibuts and Barred Surf Perches to keep pace with the moving Contenders board

And also racking up points Ocean City World Championship Surfcasting Team Reel Women were screaming on their fishing lines with team member Kayrell Wilkerson landing volumes of Bluefish off the Fenwick Island, Delaware Surf.
assieAnd Australian World Champion Contender Hellsmansam has started taking the field, which could spell trouble for the Contender In The Hunt when the Aussie starts report his catches from the surf.

With tournament starting to move into the second half of the tournament season, has the Contender and team field started to form with champions? Or will Singapore, Australia, West Coast Aviation, or New York or North Carolinas World Championship Contenders blaze their fishing reels to the top in the quest to find the world best surf fishing anglers in the world.

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