Weekly Highlights for Tournament Weeks Nineteen, Twenty One, & Twenty Two

Fishing Frenzy Battle for World Championship Supremacy In Singapore Straits

As SoCal World Championship Contenders continue their methodical fishing dominance in 2007 World Championship Surf Fishing season, leaving the US Eastern Coast World Championship Contenders and teams almost inept in the World Championship. A surf fishing battleground is peculating in Singapore.
Two-World Championship Singapore Contenders and one Singapore World Championship Surf Fishing Team are battling there way to the top for the rights to be crowned Singapore Champion Surf & Shore Angler and Team. And the ultimate Surf Fishing prize the World Championship Silver Cup.
shoreanglercThe Singapore World Championship Contenders and teams bring different surf and shore fishing styles and tactics.
World Championship Singapore Contender ShoreAngler enter the 2007 World Championship season bringing big game catches boosting him in points and establishing himself as A World Championship Contending force to be recognized. ShoreAngler is also the second Webmaster hailing from Singapore Fishing Newsroom domain to enter the 2007 tournament season.
But as the current World Champion Dana Wilburn wisely said, “Can ShoreAngler go the distance?” in the 45-weeks long tournament.
Meanwhile Singapore World Championship Top Contender and the Singapore Surf Anglerz Team Captain Azzahar is becoming a World Championship Surf & Shore Angler Legend with his teammates Yan, Saleh and Josh by his side.
After being on hiatuses for 4-weeks Azzahar came back blazing his reel, leading his team in an unprecedented one day fielding catch of 577 herrings using an unknowing loop hole in what can be scored. singaporeTheir astonishing feat was accomplish by total team effort with team members rotating as caddies taking the catches off the line to insure the shortest time possible to cast and catch again.

Internally the 577 herrings caught by the Singapore Surf Anglerz caused a riff between tournament scoring boss David Bellamy and tournament chairman Jason Douglas. David wanted to throw out the 577 herring from scoring because the Herring are generally considered bait fish, but Jason noted that a rule was never created against scoring the fish species. The stalemate between the two-committee members was broken by committee member Top who pointed out in “worldly fashion” that the Herring are “good eating pan fries” and could be considered a delicacy in the Indochina region.
Back in North America SoCal World Championship Contenders and Teams are beating US eastern seaboard World Championship Contenders and Teams into submission. World Championship New York Top Contender Nathan Morris line was light with catches of Bluefish off Jamaica Bay, New York. And Reel Women, Long Beach Anglers and AtlanticAnglers lines have either gone light or dry the last 2-weeks leaving West Coast Aviation hustling in movement up the tournament boards and the OC guerillas continuing there catching power in their clandestine fishing holes.
The only other two notable’s standouts in the US East are World Championship New York Contender Wedge who has been casually casting and pulling out big Stripper Bass “Imagine if got serious” and powerhouse Delmarva World Championship Contender Chalkbait continues to fish and hold the lead for the 2007 Largest Fish Landed Award.
Could Chalkbait be this year wildcard? Has Team Aqueraus backed out of the wild wild West Coast? Is the Wildly Fox Donna Gutridge team captain of the Reel Women sitting on a large catch report to turn in under the 30-day rule?
As the 2007 World Championship Surf & Shore Anglers Tournament moves into the second half of the tournament season can Southern California OC Guerillas hold on to their lead? World Championship Aussie Contender Hellsmansam is starting to cast his lines. While back on the wild wild West Coast the West Coast Aviation Team is picking up reel speed.
In the Ultimate Surf & Shore Fishing Tournament to decide the best Coastal, Country, and the World Champion Surf & Shore Anglers.

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