Weekly Highlights for Tournament Weeks Fifteen & Sixteen

Lady Surf Fishing Champion Blazes Her Reel To Take Back Her Position

Eastern Coast Surf Fishing Champion Donna Gutridge blazed her Reel over the past 2-weeks to take back the 3rd Seat in Top 5 bracket seats. Meanwhile A New York “Young Gun” World Championship Contender hits big at Montauk.

Over the past 2-weeks in the World Championship tournament season, Southern California World Championship Top Contenders and Teams have been steadily using their qualifying days, catching and racking up points.
ocmember World Championship Surf Fishing Team OC Guerrilla, continue using their days fishing in there clandestine shorelines and methodically landing Yellow Fish Croakers, Sargo, Diamond Turbots, Halibuts and array of other Southern California shore species to earn points and keep them ahead of the rest of the tournament field.
World Championship Surf Fishing Team West Coast Aviation made up of employees from famed Gulfstream Aerospace have started climbing in points with catches of Spotted Bay Bass, to come into contingent as the leaders for the West Coast Champion Surf Fishing Team.
But the big news for the past 2-weeks was on the East Coast of North America.
With the 2006 Eastern Coast Champion Donna Gutridge blazing her reel with catches of American Shad,. Kingfish, Dogfish and a phenomenal numbers of Bluefish. I guess you could say, “The Lady Champion was singing the Blues-fish”. And ironically she once again accelerated back into the Top 5 seat brackets to take back her 3rd seat which she held last year during the 2006 tournament season by blazing her reel with her catches keeping the rest of the 2006 tournament frame scrambling.
ladyBut her 3rd seat in Top 5 brackets knocked the 2006 World Champion Dana Wilburn out of the Top 5 seats who had light reports of Barred Surf Perch and Halibuts. But we doubt the World Champion is sweating it because he knows the tournament is not at the half way mark yet.
His position is potentially being challenge by a new “Young Gun” New York World Championship Contender Wedge who is a World Championship Long Beach Angler Team member. Wedge struck out on his own this past week to fish one of Surf Fishing Mecca of the World, Montauk New York. He hit big catching Big Strippers running up the coastline and running him up in points.

Meanwhile Singapore Top Contender Edwin continues catching and holding traction in points with catches of Marine Catfish.
But the Singapore Surf Anglerz Captain and Top Contender Azzahar reported in that his Team and Team Yaman Fishing have been battling it out on the shores of Singapore and their fishing reports are forthcoming.
And finally a tournament wildcard could be emerging in the next few weeks with a message from Australian World Championship Contender Hellmansam his message was “I’m going fishing now”, with 6-weeks to go to the half way point of the 45-weeks surf fishing tournament to find the best Surf Fishing Anglers in the world.
The 2007 World Championship Surf & Shore Anglers Tournament.

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