Weekly Highlights for Tournament Week Twelve

SoCal Top Contenders continue their dominance but US Eastern Coast came alive with Bluefish and Contenders blitzing the beaches

Again it was another remarkable week for Southern California Santaro36 and Charlie of team OC Guerillas
both in the World Championship Surf Fishing Teams and Contenders division with catches of Sargo, Diamond Turbot, Yellow Fin Croaker, Spotted Bay Bass and volume catches of Corbina from the Corbina King Santaro36.

sandmanBut the Eastern Coast came alive with perfect fishing weather and Bluefish blitzing the beaches up and down the eastern seaboard.
New York Top Contender Nathan Morris was like a junkie on pristine Breezy Point using up 6 fishing periods to take advantage of the blitzing Bluefish to continuing his rhythmic climb in points in the Top 5 Seats.
Even World Championship Contender Sandman got into the Bluefish action catching in volume on inner Breeze Point inlet off the New York shoreline. And Also out of New York World Championship Contender Wedge took the field targeting Stripper Bass off the Long Beach New York Shores, only to switch riggings and take advantage of the Bluefish bites.

Meanwhile further down the North American Eastern Coastline, Team Atlantic Anglers got into the Bluefish frenzy off the Delmarva coastline with a frantic preliminary report from Team Captain and World Championship Contender Sam Kilgore reporting a mass amount of bluefish catches.

trevallyBut mass amount was not the case this week with Singapore Surf Anglerz or Team Yaman. But targeting for record sizes catches for the Singapore Teams helped to keep them moving and climbing in the team division.
Team Yaman Captain Hishamuddin struck gold with a rarely caught close to shore Giant Trevally along with respected size Russell’s Snapper.
And Singapore Surf Anglerz Captain and Top Contender Azzahar continue their impressive catches of Striped eel tail catfish, Whiting and a small ray along too help add points to keep him solidly seated in the Top 5 seats.
And Singapore Top Contender Edwin reported in working the shorelines with his favorites target marine catfish as his primary catches spawning over 3 day fishing period keeping him on the edge of returning to the Top 5 seats.
And still no reporting from West Coast Aviation Surf fishing team which fielded 2 weeks ago and sent in preliminary report of strong catches. Could this cause controversy?
With US eastern coast teams and Singapore Teams blazing their reels is change in the wind in the World Championship.

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