Weekly Highlights for Tournament Week thirteen

3 Surf Fishing Teams Take The Field While Top Contender Chalkbait Strikes Again! With A Record Size Catch

Once again Delmarva World Championship Top Contender Chalkbait strikes again fishing with his Atlantic Anglers teammates and landing a whopping 39lb. Stripper Bass
chalkbaitbreaking his own current lead for the World Championship Largest Fish Landed Award and helping boost his surfcasting team in points.
But the Atlantic Anglers did not need much help in points with Team Captain Sam Kilgore, Coop and Cosnapper blazing their reels to catapult in the race to catch Team OC Guerrilla.

Again it was the OC Guerrilla clandestine fishing holes and teamwork that kept them moving up in points and controlling the Top 2 seats held by Santaro36 and Charlie with their volume catches of Yellow Fin Croakers, Diamond Turbots and Corbina King Santaro36 striking and landing close to his normal Corbinas.

And now that Charlie has moved back into the number 2 seat. Nathan Morris slip into 3rd seat logging decent catches of Stripper Schoolies and snapper Bluefish off the Breezy Point Inner point in New York.
And with Bluefish all over the Northeastern Coast of United States, the Long Beach Anglers surfcasting team took advantage of the action making a “Night Move” up and down the jetties of Long Beach, New York and striking a Bluefish schooling frenzy “Moving, hitting and catching” until their arms were sore from fighting and reeling.
But there was no fighting and reeling from West Coast Aviation who logged a light catch report with 3-team members taking the field. Yet their catches were decent size Yellow Fin Croaker and White Croaker they were able score a respectable amount of points dropping Team Aqueryus out of the Top 5 Surf fishing Team frames.

No report yet from the Reel Woman Team who’s Team Captain Donna Gutridge has also slip in the World Championship Contenders division, but everybody knows you can never count the Lady Angler out on the flipside of out

Delaware World Championship Contenders Scott Aiken and David Price who were both Bethany-Fenwick Tournament winners have not logged their catches yet which could possibly moved them with ease up the Contender division board. The full spring run under way, all World Championship Contenders and Teams with the same amount of time frame and we are not even at the halfway point of the 2007 tournament season ….
It’s still an open race in the ultimate surf fishing challenge to find the surfcasters in the world!

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