Weekly Highlights for Tournament Week Ten

Week 10 the OC Guerrilla hold on to their Grip! In Global Surf Fishing Contest

joshBut The Singapore Surf Anglerz have showed up with acceleration in the Team Division and their Team Captain entering the elite Top 5 Seats.

Still sitting in the Top Seat is Santaro36 with a magnificent catch report while his teammate Charlie fishing along side of him still hold the 2nd seat comfortably logging record catches in one of there clandestine fishing holes along with team member Saburo all working together to try too strategically create a gap in the Team and Contenders division.
But on the Eastern Coast of North America this past weekend it was the Twilight Zone in weather and fishing. With record temperatures of 75 degrees and
a exited and wild voicemail from New York Top Contender Nathan Morris who used one of his tournament days after hitting 4-Bluefish Frenzies and only quitting after he lost 2-Kastmasters!

otisAnd speaking of Twilight Zone Team Aqueryus took the field with team member Otis pulling in a rarely seen Lancetfish. According to a Game Warden only 5 have ever been seen close to the Southern California Shores. The last Lancetfish was reported 20 years ago “WOW!” Could this be another sign of global warming?

Meanwhile Singapore Top Contender Edwin strikes again with his lightning rod catches targeting Marine Catfish, keeping him in pace with the tournament field and poised to re-enter the Top 5 seats.
Knocked out of the Top 5 Seats, was 2006 U.S Eastern Coast Champion Donna Guteridge who was bump by newly minted Singapore Top Contender Azzahar with his sweet catch reports But can the Singapore Top Contender hold on to his seat?
2006 World Champion Dana Wilburn who sent in a light but respectable report to keep him in the 3rd Top 5 Seat.
With the water warming in the US Eastern Coast, Singapore in their prime and the rest of the Team and Contender field starting too hit the Surf the tournament season is staring to heat up!
Remember Every Contender and Team has the same amount fishing periods throughout the tournament season that they can fish and qualify for points! In the 45-weeks challenge to find the Best Surf & Shore Anglers in the world and ultimately to find the World Champion Surf & Shore Angler and Fishing Team.

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