Weekly Highlights for Tournament Week Fourteen

Surf Fishing Champions Step up with tactical movement on the boards.

This past week it was not volume catches that proved to be the spectacular action in the World Championship it was the maneuvering and target tactical catches that proved to be the acceleration in points.

Dana Wilburn the 2006 World Champion came out of hiatus to continue his catching pace of Halibut and Barred Surf Perch, which made him the undisputed World Champion last year.
relllue But his catch count was light and which dropped him out of the Top 5 seats for the first time in since July 2006. But Dana points were enough to keep him on the edge of the Top 5 seats, with him knowing that it’s only the first half of the season.
Yet it was Delmarva, Donna Gutridge, the 2006 US Eastern Coast Surf Fishing Champion and also her Delmarva Reel Women World Championship Surfcasting Team that made the spectacular climb up both the World Championship Contenders and Teams board and not with volume of catches but with true instinctive Surf Fishing tactics. Donna who is competeing again in the World Champion Contender division, is also captaining her prizing winning Women surfcasting team in the World Championship Team division.
On May 13, 2006 she led her team on the shores on Fenwick Island Delaware in the 29th Annual Spring Surf Fishing tournament.
Donna and her Team mates landed respectable catches during the tournament to earn additional World Championship bonus points at the sanction tournament.
But Donna and The Reel Women Team were not finished with the Fenwick Island Shoreline yet. Returning the next day after tons of bait had been thrown in water during the tournament instinctively she knew that lingering big scavenger fish were prowling off shore. Their strategy paid off catching Big Blues, Skates and Dogfish with Reel Women Team member Kayrell Wilkerson landing a 15lb 31inch Bluefish and Donna landing a 40lb Dogfish as Donna putted “This was surprise Attack”.
Donna was recently quoted in the Ocean City, Maryland Bayside Gazette Newspaper saying “This year I’m bringing home the silver the heck with this gold stuff” and based on recent tactical outing she mean business.
Yet it was business as usual for the Southern California Surfcasting team OC Guerillas who continue to conservatively use their qualifying days and maximize their catching power in clandestine surf fishing holes on the Southern Pacific Rim.
The Two powerhouse World Championship Contenders on the OC Guerillas Charlie and Santaro36 continue blazing their reels with Santaro36 sitting in the “Top” 5 seats and Charlie battling between 2nd and 3rd seat in the Top 5 seats attempting a blocking maneuver like a NASCAR race team.
But with the mention of Powerhoue and Speed New York World Championship Top Contender Nathan Morris has been blazing his reel counting everything he is landing coming out of the water with a dedicated fever pitch to stay in the Top 5 seats. Nathan has been ecstatic like a marathon racer with a second wind since moving in the Top 5 seats, which in the 2006 tournament season eluded him because as he put it his “A learning curve of the tournament rules and regulations”. Now Nathan has become a master of the game hoping to keep up the pace with the chance of becoming the Eastern Coast, North American or World Champion Title.
Right behind him sitting in the 4th seat is World Championship Top Contender Chalkbait who broke his own lead a week ago landing a 44lb Strip Bass off Assateague Island, Maryland for the 2007 Largest Fish Landed Award. He is all reported fielding throughout the North American Memorial Day Holiday in hopes of landing and boosting in points to challenge Charlie, Nathan or Santoro36 for their seats.

But we have not reached the half point of the 2007 World Championship Tournament Season, it’s still anybodies guess who will be at the end. In the Ultimate Surf Fishing Challenge The 2007 World Championship Surf & Shore Anglers Tournament.

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