Weekly Highlights for Tournament Week Eleven

Thunderstorms & Rain Keep Singapore Surf Fishing Teams Off The Beach,
While late reporting might be a New tactic by World Championship Surf Fishing Teams & Contenders

As the Tournament Scoring Team sat in the ready position for the surge of scoring reports from World Championship Teams and Contenders who took the field this past week in the tournament. The 2-tournament fax machines were silent throughout Sunday April 29th.
The silence was broken at about 19:00 eastern standard time by 3-scoring sheets submitted by New York Top Contender Nathan Morris who spent Saturday South in New Jersey trying too repeat his last week catching frenzy of Bluefish off the Brigantines Beach. His catch report was lighter than last week with schoolie Strips.
But with a silent Contender and Team board this week in the tournament he was the all-star catcher.
All-Star catcher was not the case for Alge310 with a very light catch report, however because of the lack of reports Alge310 was able to cruise within reach of becoming the third California Top Contender without any challenge.

And speaking of Challengers in the Team Division West Coast Aviations Professionals took the field and has not reported in yet, and neither did The OC Guerrilla who took the field throughout the week.
The only Team too report in was the Singapore Surf Anglerz Captain, checking in that Singapore had been drenched with thunderstorms and rain.
Could the OC Guerrilla who team captain Charlie and team member Santaro36 who are also the 2-current Top Contenders in the Contender division be using a Donna Gutridge tactic, by holding their score sheets? Or was it a miss? And was it a Hit or Miss for The West Coast Aviation Team? Or because the Aviators are methodical tacticians could they be putting together their score sheets from a strong field day of blazing reels?
Next week highlights should be very interesting!

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