One week away from the beginning of the final quarter in the 2007 tournament season. The normally mundane summer session of the 45-week tournament was full of dramatics both on and off the field of competition leaving gaps in the champion positions.

As the tournament committee returns to 24/7 updating and weekly highlights the summer session ends with Cinderella stories and big disappointments in the field of competition. With the beginning of the infamous fast pace and ever-changing fall run, gaps in the championship frames have left championship tiles open for easy pickings.

The Stacked Up North American Pacific Rim, dominated by SoCal (Southern California) World Championship Surf Fishing Team OC Guerillas and Top Contender Santoro36 continue the methodical destruction of the Championship leaving the majority of North American East Coast teams and contenders running off the beaches and the Eastern Coast Championship title up for grabs. But 3-teams and 4-World Championship Contenders continue to press on to capture championship victory of the World best surf fishing team and anglers.

As the tournament committee tallies summer session catches, from teams and contenders and prepare to announce the winning cash prize. Some anglers will face elimination from the tournament. While some World Championship Contenders and Teams will scramble to place in the championship gaps for the right to be called coastal, country and ultimately the World Champion.

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