Special Summer Session Highlights

Angler Throws Tantrum In Tournament And Withdraws While Competition Continues

The summer session of the World Championship is notoriously known as being the slowest period of the 45-week tournament course. But this year summer session has been a hotbed of controversy, poisons pen fights and one team gracefully taking a reduction in points.
Singapore Surf Anglerz who have had a phenomenal first tournament season and their team captain Azzahar Cinderella who continues to climb as a World Championship Top contender unwarily stumble on a tournament loop hole while competing in the tournament. This unintentional mistake landed them big points sky-rocketing them to the top seats.

massherringWhile fishing in the tournament on the infamous Bedok Jetty in Singapore, the quick thinking Captain of Singapore Surf Anglerz changed his teams rod and reel rigging and started targeting Herring. Within less than 2-hours the weary team had landed over 500 herrings with rods a reel using some team members as cadies to remove the small catches.

Almost immediately a poison pen scoring challenge arised in regards to their Herring catches came across the World Championship message board by and unlikely contender. Rookie Singapore Contender Shoreangler adamantly argued that the Herrings catch should be thrown out.
He continued his lethal barrage against his countrymen for 3-days both on the world championship message board and internally bombarding the tournament committee with emails threatening his withdraw if the scoring verdict was not overturned and Surf Singapore Surf Anglerz be eliminated from the championship.

The tournament committee decided to investigate and monitor an open forum on the issue. Humbly and graciously the Singapore team and their captain proactively talked with other contenders and team captains about his grand catch. Unwittingly the team admitted to using gang hooks on their rods making multiple catches in one cast. It was at that point the tournament chairman Jason Douglas announced on the forum that a scoring reversal was immanent once a majority body of tournament committee members could meet.
sshoreanglercorbinahoreanglerThe Singapore Surf Anglerzs were gracious on the open decision to reverse the score, and even humble there selves in writing toward shoreanglers lethal pen. But Shoreangler still wanted them eliminated from the tournament.

So prior to the ruling tournament committee members reached out to industry experts, spectators, World Championship Contenders and Champions who had been monitoring the forum for their opinions.
The majority of the Contenders first impression was astonishment at Shoreanglers writing and reaction towards the Singapore Surf Anglerz Captain Azzaher. But all the World Championship Anglers felt that Azzaher and his team member were also being sincere in making unknowingly mistake in targeting the Round-eyed Herrings with gang hooks.
Nonetheless tournament committee Dwayne Cater pointed out that in the rules and regulations there is no clear definition of how many hooks can be used on a rod or the disqualification of Round-eye Herring. It was further echo by one past champion, that normally surf and shore anglers do not target catches that are considered bait fish, but what one considers a bait fish in one part of the world maybe considered a sporting catch to another.

Meanwhile with all the drama, and sand kicking emails from shoreanglers that was going on behind the scenes the tournament action did not stop. The OC Guerrillas, West Coast Aviations, Long Beach Anglers and Singapore Surf Anglerz continuing to take to the field fishing, catching and scoring points.
The tournament committee voted and reached a decision reversing 90% of Singapore Surf Anglerz Herring score, taking responsibility for 10% of the score because of the unclear definition in the rules and regulations.
However after all efforts the meaning competition got the best of Shoreangler who continued to throw a tantrum withdrawing from the tournament because he still had to share the spotlight with the young rising Singapore Top Contender and Team Captain.

The tournament committee was sadden at Shoreangler decision to leave the tournament, but felt that he might possibly realized that he was no longer the biggest fish in his pond, but was on the world stage in ultimate fish off to decide the best surf and shore angler in the world. The World Championship Surf & Shore Anglers Tournament.

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