The World Championship Surf & Shore Anglers tournament is a worldwide open tournament. Therefore, due to the different species of fish that are caught and landed throughout the world beaches and shores all fishes will be scored. With the following exceptions of cephalopod, shell fish and fish with muscular hydrostat.

THE DEFINITION OF SURF & SHORE in the tournament is any sea or saltwater bay open to world oceans, to include a 20 miles or 32 kilometers limit on saltwater rivers, canals and other inlets.


Once an angler enters the tournament he or she becomes A World Championship Contender. If the angler makes The Top 5 Seats in points they become A World Championship Top Contender. The angler keeps that title throughout the tournament and the world.


The 2008 World Championship Tournament Season is 44-weekends/305 days, starting on February 22nd, 2008 and closing on December 22nd , 2008 at 24:00 hour eastern standard time.



* This tournament is strictly a rod, and reel tournament.
* The Fishing line is prohibited to 40lb test. except for the Heavyweight Division were any test line size ////can be used on a Rod and reel.
* Angler may use up to 2-hooks on a rig, unless fishing with a lure rigged with treble hooks and a 1-hook ///teaser.
* Kites and/or a Kayak can be used up to a ¼ mile or 1.61 klm offshore in landing a fish.
* Artificial lures, Flies, Live Bait, and Frozen Bait are permitted.
* Nets, Casting Nets, Gang hook rigs, Chumming and Chum Pots are “not” permitted.

If a contestant or team is found using any other method(s) of landing a fish the tournament committee has the right to eliminate the angler or team from the tournament.


A tournament Angler is a registered individual at least 17 years of age, not affiliated with a fishing industry commercial or corporate entity unless sanctioned by the WCSSA organization. If a tournament Angler is sponsored or affiliated with a corporate, fishing industry business or club and their sponsor or club agrees to share in any title the Angler wins, then the tournament Angler or sponsor must pay a royalty fee before WCSSA will sanction the angler as a title winner.
To inquire about this fee contact the tournament-recording secretary: Denise Cardwell


A tournament Team is a registered team of at least 3 anglers with a maximum of 5 anglers to a team. One team member must be designated as the captain of the team, and it is their responsibility for reporting his/her team’s activities and movements during the tournament.

The team captain must be at least 18 years of age. All team members have the right to compete in the World Championship Angler division for an additional fee of $15. US dollars.

A Team is allowed to have teamed members between the ages of 11 to 17 years of age, under the supervision of an adult at least 21 years of age, who is a register team member.

If a tournament team is sponsored or affiliated with a corporate, fishing industry business or club and their sponsor or club agrees to share in any title the team wins, then the tournament team or sponsor must pay a royalty fee before WCSSA will sanction the team as a title winner.
To inquire about this fee contact Tournament Chairman: Denise Cardwell


In order to qualify for championship titles a Contender or Top Contender must fish the full 12-weekends or 24 days needed to qualify for championship titles and awards.


Additional Fishing Weekends During The Tournament Season
If 5-Top Contenders or 3- Top 3 Teams complete their 12 Championship qualification weekends, A Top Contender or Top 3 Team, has the right to challenge the tournament fields for an additional 3-weekends Fish Off.
The tournament committee will send to every World Championship Contender or Team in the tournament the challenge in the form of a Tournament survey.

Every Angler or Team will have 7-days to either accept or fold on the challenge. If the tournament committee receives a 85% acceptance rate from the tournament survey. Then the full body of the Contenders or Team division will either have to choose or report fielding at least 3-weekends of tournament fishing.

All World Championship Contenders and Teams who accept the challenge, “To include the Contender or Team who initiated the challenge will have to report their “Time In field” (At least 24-hours notice) and “Time out of Field” to include a initial inventory of catches within 24-hours after “Time out of field”. Time In and Out of Field maybe done by the following methods email, fax or phone call to tournament HQ.

10% bonus points on the overall score for the designated 3-weekends Fish Off will be awarded challenging Contender or Team.
12% handicap points on the overall score will be awarded to all championships qualified Contenders or Teams who accept the 3-weekends Fish Off challenge.


Anglers’ register in this division must be at least 17 years of age, unless supervised by an adult 21 year of age who is also registered in the Heavyweight Division.
Competing Anglers may fish and compete for the total number of tournament days throughout the tournament season. At the end of the tournament season if the cash pot is under $2080 US dollars, the Angler with highest number in weighted fishes wins the cash pot.
If the Cash Pot reaches exceeds $3000 US dollars the angler with highest number in weighted fishes will win $2500 from the Cash Pot and the Angler with the second highest number in weighted cashes will win $500 out of the Cash Pot. If the CASH POT exceeds $5000 US dollars, the tournament committee will adjust the winnings accordingly to add a 3rd Place cash winner.

Please note: All winners must have a completed registration form, before we can administer your cash winnings. If the winner(s) are Untied States Citizens, you will need to sign IRS Tax wavier before we can release your cash winnings. “ A Bank Cashier check will be issued to the winner(s) in US currency.
If the winner(s) are international anglers, we will Federal Express a Bank Cashier Check to you less the delivery cost. If a winner(s) is under 18 years of age, and is a United States citizen they must have an adult who will sign their tax wavier, in order for the tournament committee to administer their cash winnings. If they do not have an adult who will sign for their cash winnings, the tournament committee will administer their cash winnings, less the United States Federal Tax and their State Tax amount.
Any questions on this clause, you may consult your local taxes.


The 2008 tournament scoring system in the Contenders and Teams Division is based on the weight of the fish. You may either scale weight or measure the length and girth for scoring submission.
In the 2008 tournament season World Championship Contenders, Teams or Heavyweight Anglers are not required to report when they or their team are taking the field. However, once you report a catch or catches for scoring you will not be able to make any revisions.

Scoring in the World Championship Contenders And Team Division.

* Any catches less than 8oz or 226 grams do not have to be weighted for scoring submission. Base points will be awarded for that particular catch.

* However, it is still in the best interest of the contender or team member to weight biologically small fish species caught during a scoring period.

Scoring system in the Heavyweight Division

The Heavyweight Division is strictly and simply by the weight of the catch.
However, nothing under 5lbs. Or 2.2680kg will be accepted and there is a 900lb or 408. 23kg Fish Species catch limit by a tournament angler during the tournament season.
The only exceptions to the catch limit restriction of a Fish Species, is if the Angler final catch within a certain Fish Species exceeds beyond the 900lbs or 408. 23kg limit.

Anglers Catch or Catches exceeding 20lbs or 9.0719kg must have a digital picture of the catch or catches to be scored.
Catches over 100lbs or 45. 359kg must have a digital picture with the hook still attach to the fish.
“As a suggestion you should show hook, line and rod in the picture”.

IN ALL DIVISION, you have 30-days from the date you left the field during a scoring period. To either email, fax, your score sheets or scores, in order for the points to be permanently placed.)


* Your witness information must be accurate, regardless of whether the witness was fishing with you or not. Your email scores or score sheets is a permissible record of your fishing activities during that scoring period. In accurate, false information, or inadequateness in witness information may cause your score to be toss out, and if it is an accruing problem elimination from the tournament.


Sanctioned Tournaments and Weight Stations score sheets will be accepted within the 30-day turn in term. Please check the Sanction Tournaments and Weight Stations page to insure your area tournament is listed.

The Fish Scoring Base point for the 2008 tournament will be used if a catch is under 1. 5lbs will receive a base point, lesser the amount of a scaled catch. Fish Scoring Base Points Page


* Catch and Release earn an additional 5% in points but must be accompanied with a picture of the fish.

* Sanctioned Tournaments allows the angler to earn an additional 10% on the overall measurements and weight of fishes caught during the sanction tournament.
If you do not see your surf or shore fishing tournament on the sanction tournament page, please contact the tournament committee.

* .Weight Stations used for confirmation of a catch or score sheet verification.
If the catch is presented and weighted for verification it will earn an additional 5% points.
If the Contender only presents his/her score sheet for verification the angler will earn an additional 5% on his overall score sheet.


We realize that there will be some questionable scoring claims for points. The tournament committee has put systems in place to curve this potential problem. Please govern yourself accordingly to avoid actions causing disputes or termination from the tournament.

“We have caught and kicked Anglers out of the tournament”


The tournament rules and regulations were purposely made simple to give anglers a fair chance to compete and win. Un-sportsman like conduct and any rule or regulation violated will constitute immediate termination from the tournament.
The WCSSA tournament committee and/or assigned sanction judges, rangers or agents have authorization to submit contenders for disqualification. The tournament committee has the ultimate right to determine termination from the tournament.
However, the tournament committee in most cases will either consult past Champions, Industry Experts, or conduct a private or public forum vote between all participating tournament angler before making a determination, or a termination decision.

On December 22nd 2006 at 24:00 Eastern Standard Time, the tournament will officially close. No scoring for points will be accepted after the above date and time. Any preliminary points that were added to an angler points standing will be immediately deducted. The tournament committee and its officials will begin tallying all scores. Between January 5th 2009 and January 16th 2009 the tournament committee will announce the title winners and World Champion on WCSSA website, media outlets. An email of the winners will be sent to all registered contenders. Tournament winners will receive their trophy and prizes within 30 days after the winning announcement date.