Moutauk Madness Pushes New York World Championship Surf Angler To The Top

While Southern California OC Guerillas continue their unprecedented domination of the 2007 World Championship Tournament season, Eastern Coast World Championship Surf Fishing Anglers have almost faded off the beaches in respect as some of the best Surfcaster in the world. But one lone Eastern Coast World Championship Surf Fishing Angler was like A-Rod is to the Yankee, saving the US East Coast a little dignity and respect. 2-weeks ago
It was Montauk Madness for New York World Championship Top Contender Wedge who caught a 2-day fishing frenzy of migrating Stripper Bass headed south for the winter. It was a story book catching frenzy for the young World Championship angler with his rod and reel screaming landing over 100 stripper bass ranging anywhere from 12-31.5lbs. in a two days stretch.
Wedge accomplish his 100 catches feat with a pencil popper lure, darter lure and his girlfriend sitting on the beach keeping track of his catches. The only problem Wedge had during his magnificent outings was replacing bent treble hooks on his lure and swapping his camera batteries into his digital scale to keep track of the weights.

Meanwhile SoCal World Championship Top Contenders Santaro36 and Charlie slip to the second and third seats with an inventory of un-scored score sheets of catches and the tournament committee working overtime to tabulate their scores.

And across the world Singapore Surf Anglerz who lead the way for the Singapore Championship title and staying in distance of the OC Guerillas in the team division now have to fight to stay on top as Team Yaman Fishing has started blazing their reels with gritty catches from Marine Catch fish to Leopard Sharks.

But the 2007 tournament season is not over and this is the infamous Fall Run when World Championship Surf Anglers hit the beach and shores to take advantage of the migrating schools of fish combing the shorelines. With powerhouse 2006 Eastern Coast Champion Donna Gutheridge hitting the beach and West Coast Aviation Surfcasting team steadily working the surf the 2007 tournament season continues to be a crap shoot on who will take the Coastal, Country Championship titles and who will be the World Best Surf & Shore Angler and what team is the best surfcasting team in the world.

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