The 2008 tournament rules, regulations, instructions and scoring were developed by a majority consensus from a tournament survey that was performed at the end of the 2007 tournament season. Over 367 Surf and Shore Anglers from around the world participated in the survey.

In the 2008 Tournament season Anglers do not need to report when they are taking the field.
World Championship Contenders (Anglers) and Teams have 12-weekends or 24 days they may use – during the
44-weekends/305 days tournament course to fish and qualify for championship titles.

The definition of 1 day is 24 hours.
Split days maybe added during the tournament season, if a majority vote (90% agreement) of World Championship Contenders or Teams agree upon a certain number of split days.

Contenders and Teams can earn an additional 3-weekends of fishing by challenging the field in a FISH OFF. For detail please click here

World Championship Heavyweight Division Anglers, may fish and be scored throughout the full 44 weeks of the 2008 tournament season.
As mention on the tournament information page only fish above 5 lbs. Or 2.2680kg will be scored, and there is a fish species limit on what an angler can catch. For details please click here

How to report your catches:

This year we have 2 methods of reporting your catches, either by email or faxing a score sheet.

We suggest before reporting your first catch or catches, visit the Scoring page and the Scoring rules.

Reporting catches in the Heavyweight Division:

It is in your best interest to take a picture of your catches.
Furthermore any fish over 20lbs or 9.0719kg you must have a digital picture of the catch or catches to be scored.
Catches over 100lbs or 45. 359kg must have a digital picture with the hook still attach to the fish.
“As a suggestion you should show hook, line and rod in the picture”.

How does the cash pot work?

Simply put when you register in the Heavyweight Division $20 US dollars of your entry fee is put in the POT! Consequently, the more Anglers who enter the Heavyweight Division the bigger the Cash Pot.
The Cash will be paid out to the winner or winners within 30 days after the close of the tournament season.
For more details on the CASH POT please click here.