2008 World Championship Tournament Season
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Surf Fishing in Hale’iwa, Hawaii

When you talk about a good surf fishing destination, Hale’iwa, Hawaii is certainly a no brainer. On a precious little series of islands encompassed by only an immeasurable sea, the measure of fish and waves are past correlation, and Haleiwa, which is located in Oahu’s North Shore, is the center point of perhaps the best of it. In view of the precarious drop in the ocean’s depth and solid streams and currents around the islands of Hawaii, there are a copious number of games and bait fish. Moreover, as almost everybody knows, it also has the most amazing waves on the planet.

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The Cape Hatteras Anglers Club Invitational Surf Fishing Tournament

In the fall of 1957, the Cape Hatteras Anglers Club Invitational Surf Fishing Tournament was formed in Buxton, Hatteras Island in North Carolina. Eighty one people came together and created this tournament with one thing in their mind – to enhance the economy by supporting the local tourism. Other than that, the place became well known to the world itself, most especially among competitive anglers. It was decided that the 2-day tournament was to be held annually during the month of November.

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2008 World Championship Singapore Fish Team Making Record Breaking Catches

Singapore World Championship Surf Fishing Team S.S.A.T.M.C makes an early jump in jump in points in the World Championship Surf Fishing Team Division with unofficial record-breaking Spotted Sicklefish and Folk-Tailed Marine Catfish catches.

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World Championship Singapore SURF Fishing Team S.S.A.T.M.C team member Memphisbelle, strikes first in the newly commission Heavyweight Division fighting and landing 30lb/14kg Sand Ray to challenge all comers in the wide-open Division.

With the opening of the 2008 World Championship Surf & Shore Fishing tournament seasons and the newly formed Heavyweight Division, the 2007 Singapore Champion Surf Fishing Team Singapore Surf Anglerz now formed as S.S.A.T.M.C made the first strike on the Singapore shoreline to start their climb to challenge the reigning Champion Surf Fishing Team OC Guerilla from Southern California.

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2007 World Champion Surf Fisherman Leave No Doubt Why He Is King Of The Surf

The 2007 World Championship tournament season came to a sweeping finish with once again a Southern California Surf fisherman capturing the World Championship Silver Cup with an astonishing 804 confirmed catches and a Southern California Team capturing the 2007 World Champion Surf Casting Team title with over 1607 confirmed catches in the 45-week tournament season.

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