The World Championship Surf & Shore Anglers Tournament

2006 U.S. Eastern Coast Champion

Donna Gutridge, Ocean City, Maryland US

“The Ever So Popular Lady Champion”

There is saying among World Championship Contenders: “You don’t lounge on the beach when the Lady Angler takes the field.” This could not be more true than with Donna Gutridge, the reigning 2006 U.S. Eastern Coast Champion Surf & Shore Angler.

A single mother, avid fisherwoman and native of Ocean City, Maryland, to say that Donna is a champion is no revelation. Donna has champion written all over her. It’s in her lineage; it runs through her veins.

During the 2006 World Championship Surf & Shore Anglers tournament season, out of 37 anglers around the world, 12 of them being from the Eastern Seaboard of the Untied States, Donna had the highest amount of catch points. Also to her credit, it is said that she also kept her fellow World Championship Contenders scrambling when she took field in the tournament and reported in her catches.

The founder and captain of the prize winning Reel Women Surfcasting Team, Donna is very well known and is a highly respected angler throughout the Delmarva region, with a growing following of anglers throughout world, thanks to her passionate and aggressive style of fishing and charismatic personality.

Donna takes her roots as a native of Ocean City very seriously. In her own words, “My backyard was a marsh. I have fished, clammed, crabbed and pretty much drank saltwater all my life.” In 1995, Donna’s best and oldest friend saved her life, as she puts it, by bringing her to her beloved beach to go fishing. At the time, Donna’s children were 4 and 2 years old and she had no time to go to the beach. She complained to her closest friend, Anita, (they have been friends since very young childhood) and Anita and her family promptly picked Donna and her kids up for a day at the beach. It was at this time that Donna’s inner fisherwoman emerged and the rest, as they say, is history.

When first attempting to enter tournaments, Donna originally tried to enter the local tournament near her home, hosted by the Ocean City Angler’s Club. Unfortunately, as this is the second largest fishing tournament on the East Coast, it was full and she could not enter. Finally, one of the judges suggested that she enter an all women’s team. Reel Women was born and to this day, they have been the Mid-Atlantic Surf Fishing Tournament Women’s Division Champions from 1997-2000 and also in 2002, 2004 and most recently, 2005. Donna has also been a member of The Assateague Mobile Sports fisherman’s Association (AMSA) since 2000 and in 2005, she won 3rd place in the First Annual Memorial Surf Fishing Tournament as a Fishful Think’n team member. She is sponsored by the following organizations: Albakore Pro Staff, and Fishbites.

Donna Gutridge is a respected member of the fishing community and a celebrated angler and competitor. This competitive style may not serve her well with her friends (by her own admission, she swears they won’t even play racquetball with her anymore), but it does wonders in the world of fishing. So, remember, if you hear the name Donna Gutridge, stop lounging around because the “Ever So Popular Lady Champion and US Eastern Coast Champion” has arrived.