The 2006 World Champion Surf & Shore Angler

Dana Wilburn of Lawndale, California US

World Champion Surf and Shore Angler Dana Wilburn competed for over 45-weeks against 37 anglers from around the world to achieve his status as a respected fisherman and champion.

He hails from Southern California, in Lawndale, and as are many Souther Californians, is very proud of his roots. He is a local celebrity in his community, which could come as a bit of a surprise after learning that he didn’t fish for 20 years!

A laid back and humble man, Mr. Wilburn is also an avid motorcyclist, guitarist, audio engineer, kayaker, and overall, a fierce competitor with the fire and dedication that brought him back to fishing after his long hiatus. As a child, he began fishing at the Santa Monica Pier and later freshwater fished in the local LA lakes, but took a break from the sport for two decades. Later in life, he rediscovered fishing as away to get away and be with [him]self to think things out.

Two years ago, a friend turned him on to surf fishing light line style and the rest, as they say, is history. He now fishes 2-3 times per week and was chosen to be on the pro fishing team, Albackore Pro Staff. Dana Wilburn is a family man, a competitor, and the kind of guy who just has a great time fishing.

One can only imagine how great it is to compete in /the World Championship, but Dana summed it up perfectly when he said, [The 2006 World Championship] gave me a reason to get out more and fish ¦ I explored new fishing areas. And [I] caught more varieties of fish and tried new techniques.

Overall, it was a great time! Simple, effective and to the point. Some of the many signs of a dedicated fisherman and an accomplished World Champion!