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3 Great Rigs for Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is one of the most popular ways of fishing because it is very exciting. Imagine trying to bait your fish in the surf while the waves are moving back and forth. This is definitely quite a challenging way to get fish. Of course, if you are going to fish bait in the surf, then you’re going to need surf fishing rigs. Rigs are certain items that can be used to attract a particular type of fish to the line (see the above link for more info). Below are some of the best rigs for surf fishing.

Choosing the Perfect Spot When Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is slightly different from calm water fishing and requires a slightly different approach. From taking decisions on whether you should cast close to the beach or far from the beach to determining whether you should use braided lines or mono lines, you need to make the right decisions to catch a good amount while surf fishing.