The World Championship Surf & Shore Anglers Tournament was conceived in 2005, when three co-workers residing in different parts of the world realized that they all had something in common – they were all avid surf and shore anglers.  Jason Douglas, Dwayne Carter and Daniel Waldman noticed that, not only did they share a love of fishing, but they also used similar fishing rigs and techniques and had had similar catches in their respective regions in the past.  They decided to share information via E-mail about their weekend catches and their stories of battling fish on the surf and a productive team was born.

At first, the three men were just emailing each other for bragging rights.  However, they began to draw inter-office spectators, co-workers and fans into the mix with their contagious banter and entertaining tales of the sea.  They soon began to receive messages from these fans and realized that something great, something big, and something special could come out of this three-way partnership.

This left the three men to wonder, who are the best surf and shore anglers in the world?
And what would decide such a thing?

A huge, global, championship tournament, that’s what.

The Tournament Committee Members

After their idea began to take shape, Jay, Dwayne and Daniel needed to find tournament committee members – people who knew what they were talking about and would be excited about the project.  And so, enlistment began.

Virginia’s David Bellamy, a mathematical genius, developed the scoring system. Jay and David met spending time on the Delaware shore, pounding the surf for Blues and Strips. David was up to the challenge and became part of the team, creating a global scoring formula that is not only fair, but also quite unique in its creation and implementation.

Allen “Top” Smith, retired from the United States Army, is the most versatile tournament committee member in all facets of fishing. Top, which is his respected nickname, is instinctively a natural fisherman who has a gift for being able to catch fish with any type of rigging. Besides his natural fishing ability he has had the opportunity to travel and fish in some of the most unlikely places to do so around the world.   He brings a multi-dimensional perspective on fishing the surf and shores of the world.

Last, but never least, there is Denise Cardwell, the tournament-recording secretary.  She grew up in a family of fisherman. By profession she is a global operations executive who took a keen interest in the tournament and decided to apply her skills to help with the operations and take on the job of recording. She has also become the “no nonsense” tournament committee member who keeps the tournament on track.

The Creation of Virtual Scoring

When Jay, Daniel and Dwayne began to create this tournament, they realized that there had to be some kind of scoring system that everyone would accept and appreciate.  As professional researchers, they learned that fish commonly caught on different beaches around the world belong to the same species families.  Initially, they based their points on the fish by species family, length and size.  But there was some limitation in this original scoring system, and they decided that they needed a mathematical formula to make their scoring fair and even.  This was where David Bellamy, the previously mentioned mathematical genius, came into play.  He was up to the challenge and created a formula, which became the (alpha) global scoring system.  Now, the WCSSA uses a multifaceted global scoring system (Beta 2) that incorporates different real time measures to include, but not limited to, a robust, global, scientific and historical fish species database, that has been develop into a copyrighted formula to insure 95% accuracy in scoring an anglers catch or catches.  The 5% margin represents the anomalies that surfcasters sometimes catch on beaches or shorelines.

Rules and Fair Play

The World Championship Surf & Shore Fishing Federation Trust, LLC, which is  entrusted with the World Championship Surf & Shore Anglers Tournament,  has one main principle,

“To ensure fair play across the board for all competing anglers.”

This essential pledge is what drives the committee to create fair rules and regulations.  Before a rule or ruling goes into effect, the WCSSA consults industry experts, senior anglers and competing anglers from around the world and within the tournament. Decisions in the tournament are meant for and made with complete consideration of all surf and shore casters and anglers around the world.  There are no politics, no underhanded tactics, no favoritism involved in this decision-making process.  There is only the dedication that makes it possible to provide the World Championship Surf & Shore Anglers Tournament, a 45-week global event that ensures every angler a chance to fish in optimal conditions.


It is the mission of the WCSSA to strive and act as a federation entrusted with identifying the world’s best surf & shore casters.  They are strictly the recorders and identifiers of the world’s best surf & shore anglers through open invitational competitions.  What started out as three co-workers describing their fishing experiences to one another has turned into a global network of casters, anglers and fishing enthusiasts and will continue to grow with each passing year.  So, come in, check it out.  You’re invited to see what this is all about.

Happy Casting!