3 Great Rigs for Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is one of the most popular ways of fishing because it is very exciting. Imagine trying to bait your fish in the surf while the waves are moving back and forth. This is definitely quite a challenging way to get fish. Of course, if you are going to fish bait in the surf, then you’re going to need surf fishing rigs. Rigs are certain items that can be used to attract a particular type of fish to the line (see the above http://fishermensangle.com link for more info). Below are some of the best rigs for surf fishing.

Fish finder Rig

The fish finder rig is probably the most common one used by anglers everywhere as it is the simplest to use. The rig contains one hook and a large metal pyramid that are used to show the fish big pieces of bait. These rigs are great for pretty much any type of fish. These are great for getting stripers and even for brown sharks. This is probably the most versatile rig in fishing.

Fireball Rig

$_32The fireball rig is a bright rig that attracts fish because of the colors. These rigs are great for catching fish like bluefish and a bass. Most crab anglers would also use this type of rig to get crabs.

Double-Drop Bottom Rig

The double-drop bottom rigs can actually snag around two fish. This rig consists of two lines with their own respective hooks that are connected to one main line. These rigs make use of beads that can be seen by the fish. Some of the fish that this rig is good for are flounder, the trouts, and the croakers.

If you are a surf fisher, then these are the three rigs that you have to bring with you while you are looking for some fish. By far, these three rigs are the most useful when it comes to surf fishing. When you go on a surf fishing trip, don’t forget to bring these rigs.

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