2008 World Championship Singapore Fish Team Making Record Breaking Catches

Singapore World Championship Surf Fishing Team S.S.A.T.M.C makes an early jump in jump in points in the World Championship Surf Fishing Team Division with unofficial record-breaking Spotted Sicklefish and Folk-Tailed Marine Catfish catches.

It’s no surprise in the 2008 World Championship Surf & Shore Anglers Tournament that the 2007 Singapore Champion Azzahar and is hybrid World Championship Surf Fishing Team are unofficially breaking historical fish species catch records.

Singapore Champion, Azzahar holds his record-breaking 2.9kg SickleFish caught on March 9,2008 at Changi in Singapore.

On March 9, 2008 Azzahar while fielding his team caught an unofficially recorded 2.9kg Spotted Sicklefish at Changi in Singapore. Azzahar 2.9kg Spotted Sicklefish out weighted the current official record 2.350kg Sicklefish caught on June 12, 2001 by Roberts Noel of Sandy Creek, Mackay, Queensland Australia.

However, Azzahar is not only team member targeting records as S.S.A.T.M.C member Shedinja continues his precious target catches of Folk-Tailed Catfish verifying 6-Fork-Tail Catfishes nothing less than 1kg and the largest 2.2kg one gram off the regional scientific record 2.31 kilograms which was caught in May 2001 at Temengor Reservoir, Malaysia.

The 2007 World Champion Surf & Shore Angler, Randy Toji took to the field too try to get an early lead on the 2008 World Championship Contender Division blazing up his reel and catching enough Walleye Surf Perch for a “Southern Baptist prayer breakfast fish fry”.
Nevertheless, the tiny beauties were not enough to keep him at the top dropping him second place in Top 5 seats the first time in over 32-weeks of tournament competitions between 2007 and current.

As Singapore S.S.A.T.M.C enjoys their position on the top in all the World Championship Division, a battling is brewing to try too take their top positions.

As Spring begins in North America the first World Championship battlegrounds for accelerated points is happening on Huntington Beach, California on April 12, 2007. The infamous Spring Surf Slam on Huntington Beach will be the first sanction Surf Fishing tournament for bonus points giving World Championship teams and anglers an opportunity to leverage their catches for bonus points.

On the East Coast of North America the Spring run is starting, with East Coast World Championship Surf Fishing Contenders vowing to bring the World Championship Silver Cup from Southern California this year. However, the biggest test for the Singapore S.S.A.T.M.C Surf Fishing team may come from their own shoreline. Fielding this year is the strong compliment Sport anglers Team Padang Terbakar Expedition of Singapore captained by Syed Azhar who also enter into the World Championship Contenders Division. So showdown between the two teams is unavoidable and could one of these teams be the 2008 World Championship Team? With 24-days to qualify throughout the 2008 tournament season, anglers still entering the tournament it is still to early to tell who will be at the top. In the greatest Surf Fishing tournament in the World. The World Championship Surf & Shore Anglers Tournament.

2008 Championship Surf Fishing Season Opens with Singapore making the first Strike

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