2007 World Champion Surf Fisherman Leave No Doubt Why He Is King Of The Surf

The 2007 World Championship tournament season came to a sweeping finish with once again a Southern California Surf fisherman capturing the World Championship Silver Cup with an astonishing 804 confirmed catches and a Southern California Team capturing the 2007 World Champion Surf Casting Team title with over 1607 confirmed catches in the 45-week tournament season.

The 2007 undisputed World Champion Surf and Shore Angler Randy Toji left no doubts with the Surf and Shore fishing communities throughout the world why he is the king of Surf and Shore fishing.

Both Randy and his newly minted World Champion Surfcasting teammates The Orange County, California OC Guerillas caught a whopping 1607 fish during the 45-weeks tournament season in 2007. Out of the 1607 fish caught by the Southern California OC Guerillas Surf Casting Team, 829 were reeled in by Randy, with an average of 26.4 confirmed catches per tournament outing.

The 2007 World Champion was pulling out of the Southern California Surf everything from Corbina, bat ray, halibut, white croaker, sand bass, spotted bay bass, diamond turbot, Yellow fin croaker and the list of surf and shore fish species read like a marine biologist almanac.
The vestal World Champion used an array of lures and baits ranging from Kastmaster, Little Cleo, Luckycraft Flash minnow to dead stick baiting with shrimp, squid and the list goes on.

His Instinctive ability to adjust fishing tecnique in a moment notice to fishing condition left tournament operation at times scrambling to reload fax machines and checking pictures of catches to keep up with his scoring reports.

Only one other World Championship Angler out the 42 World Championship Contenders fielded came close to the 2007 World Champion catching pace during the tournament season.
Not surprisingly Randy OC Guerilla Surf Fishing teammate Jeff Tesoro aka Charlie came close to catching him in fishes caught by accompany him 98% of time during the tournament season while fielding as a team. With a sore shoulder from throwing lures like his Big Hammer grubs Kalin grubs and dead sticking with bait that he secretly will not share with the public.

Jeff Tesoro capture the 2007 North American Champion title beating out two New York World Championship Anglers, one angler becoming one the Cinderella stories of the 2007 tournament season the 2007 East Coast Champion Surf & Shore Angler.

Joseph Wenegenofsky a.k.a. Wedge was a Cinderella story throughout the tournament quietly capturing the 2007 East Coast Champion Surf & Shore Angler.
Figuratively he was the last man standing or ‘Fishing” in the 2007 tournament season on the East Coast of the United States. Wedge continued to field and fish into December 2007, while the famed Ocean City, Maryland and Delmarva Surf and Shore anglers lost their heart at the initial beginning of the final quarter of the 2007 tournament season to compete against the extremely skilled and competitive Southern California surf & shore anglers. Wedge continued to fish with both tunnel and night vision and blazing up his reel with his deadly catching lure a Super Strike Zig Zag off the South Shore of Long Island, New York his favorite fishing spot the famed Montauk, New York shoreline.

The Surf Rat.com and Long Beach Anglers member were striking on every outing nothing less than 70 catches mostly Strippers Bass and possibly took an unrecorded 2007 Largest Fish Landed during the tournament season. In one night outing Wedge was accompanied by tournament committee member Jason Douglas who was only on hand to fish, and witness a 2-3 hour catching onslaught of Stripper Bass stacked up on a jetty off Long Beach, New York. The humble young man who ties custom fishing flies and attends college attributes part of his power catching abilities to the old school knowledge on SurfRats.com and West End Tackle tackle arsenal information.

Singapore Champion Surf Fisherman is Cinderella Story during World Championship
The biggest Cinderella story during the 2007 World Championship Surf And Shore Tournament season is the reigning 2007 Singapore Champion Surf and Shore Angler, the Captain of 2007 Singapore Champion Surf & Shore Fishing team.
Singapore Surf Anglerz team captain Azzahar captured the 2007 Singapore Champion Surf & A shore Angler title, by smart, strategic use of the rules, scoring and pure love for the sport. Moreover, and most importantly both him as his teammates cleaned up the Singapore Shoreline in catches, sometimes frustrating and infuriating his countryman leaving nothing on shoreline behind. Azzahar kept the pace with the World Championship Contenders field out casting and catching 75% of the worldwide tournament field. Nevertheless, what has to be noted that while fielding as a team they had one secret weapon, teammate Yan who consistently targeted and caught large rare catches during their fielding days . One such catch by Yan was a 35lb/16kg Leopard Ray which was 5lbs/2.3kg lacking from 2007 Largest Fish Landed award won by Delmarva Championship Top Contender Ben Verner a.k.a. Chalkbait for his 39lb/17kg Stripper Bass caught off Ocean City, Maryland shoreline. Nonetheless Azzahur and his teammates became the Cinderella story during the tournament earning the respect and worrisome of their fellow World Championship Contenders.

A respected win for the 2007 West Coast Champion Surf casting Team title by West Coast Aviation Professionals who unwittingly set the endurance race throughout the 2007 tournament season keeping the World Championship Surf casting Team division looking over their shoulders for a possible catching frenzy from the fly boys skyrocketing The team in points. However, the Aviators stable their wings a stayed on a consistent jet stream putting up steady numbers in catches to capture the 2007 West Coast Surf casting Team title by knocking one of 2-West coast teams out of reach of the Coastal Championship cup.

Staying consistent in catches and living by his owns words “At who be at the end”
the 2006 World Champion Surf & Shore Angler Dana Wilburn captured the 2007 West Coast Champion title. In the 2007 tournament season Dana admitted being faced with distraction that kept him from putting the extreme time in to make an effort for the 2007 World Championship Silver cup.
But the experience Champion sized up the performance of the US West Coast Contender field and put in enough time to capture the West Coast Champion title, which was vacant in the 2006 tournament season.

Last Year 2007 World Champion Surf and Shore Anglers Tournament season could be in comparison to the 2007 American football season with one Angler being Patriots quarterback, 2007 World Champion Randy Toji sweeping the 2007 Contenders field and his Team of Southern California Anglers the OC Guerillas demolishing the 2007 World Champion Surfcasting Team field. However, with the 2008 World Championship Tournament opening on February 15, 2008 Anglers and Teams from Singapore, North America and South Africa are already lining up to make a challenge to claim the right to be reigning powers of Surf and Shore Fishing.

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